Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems

Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers high quality air conditioning and cooling systems and solutions for your Longmont area home or office.  Our team of experienced air conditioning and cooling system technicians are trained in servicing and installing all major brands of air conditioners and evaporative coolers.  We work with several suppliers to offer you the best air conditioning and cooling systems available.

Depending on your individual needs, you may want to consider a few different options that are quite effective in the Colorado front range climate.

We have the following cooling systems:

  • Air Conditioners– Quality SEER 15 to SEER 21 rated systems to meet your air conditioning needs and budget. We offer installation, service and repair of all major brands air conditioning systems.  The following are some things to consider when purchasing an air conditioning system:
    • Selecting the proper size air conditioner –  Obviously you don’t want to choose an air conditioning unit that is too small, as it will run continuously and not effectively cool your home or office.  On the flip side, an air conditioner that is too large will not only be more initial expense than necessary, but an over-sized air conditioner will also turn on and off (cycle) more frequently than needed. This cycling effect reduces the air conditioners efficiency, as well as causing unnecessary wear and tear on the compressor unit.
    • Selecting an Experienced Contractor – Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling  is skilled at properly sizing your air conditioning unit.  We not only evaluate your cooling requirements based on the number of cubic feet you need to cool,  but we evaluate other contributing factors such as sun exposure, window sizing and radiant heat, and appliances within the cooling area that radiate heat.
  • Evaporative / Swamp Coolers  –  We offer a variety of sizes and styles of evaporative / swamp coolers. We also offer installation, service and repair of all major brands of swamp coolers.  Swamp coolers can be a cost effective method of cooling your Longmont area business or home.  Swamp Coolers may require more frequent maintenance than an air conditioner, as the water holding tank and evaporative cells can become dirty and require regular cleaning.
  • Exhaust Fans – We offer a variety of sizes and styles of exhaust fans to meet your cooling and fresh air circulation needs.  Exhaust fans are also an inexpensive way to cool both you home and attic. Exaust fans are most effective in the summer evenings after the sun has set and the outside air temperature has dropped below the interior air temperature.  Running an exhaust fan for a few hours in the evening can ofthen cool the interior living space to a comfortable temperature.

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