Exhaust Fans

Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers top quality exhaust fan systems, installation, repair, and service.  Our team of exhaust fan service technicians are experienced with all brands and types of exhaust fan systems.

You can save energy and money when you ventilate your home instead of using your air conditioner, except on the hottest days.  Moving the cooler evening air inside with an exhaust fan  can effectively remove heat from your home and attic. Moving air also creates a wind chill effect that cools your body.  Longmont and surrounding area home owners are great candidates for using exhaust fans to augment their current cooling system, as exhaust fans are very inexpensive to operate.

Exhaust fans are great at cooling off your attic, thus reducing the transient heat through your ceiling and walls.  Attics in the Longmont area can reach temperatures of over 150 degrees during the summer, and heat can readily transfer to the interior of your house without significant attic insulation to compensate.  An exhaust fan with a few strategically placed attic vents can significantly help cool your home.

Exhaust fan ventilation also provides other benefits besides cooling. Indoor air pollutants tend to accumulate in homes with poor ventilation, especially when homes are closed up.  Allowing the exhaust fan to operate in the evenings during the warmer months can significantly improve the quality of your home’s interior air.

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