Air Quality and Air Filtration Systems

Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling has a variety of air quality systems for your Longmont area home or business.  Our air filtration and humidifying systems will keep your home or office clean of particulates, while adding moisture into the air to produce a fresh and clean home or work environment.

Air Quality and air filtration systems are broken down into two components:

  • Air Filtration Systems – remove air-borne particulates from the air in your home or office.  Air filtration systems come in a variety of types, quality and options. One measure of air quality is the AQI or Air Quality Index.  The AQI is a measurement of ground-level ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide as specified in the National Clean Air Quality Act.  Did you know that the AQI can often times be higher inside your house than outside? House dust, pet dander, and other factors can significantly increase your homes AQI.  Our air purification systems are capable of reducing your AQI to nearly zero.
  • Humidifier Systems  – Proper Humidity levels range from around 30 percent in cold climates, to as high as 65% during the summer months.  Longmont Colorado averages around 52% annual humidity.  However, if you are in an gas-forced air environment vs hot water heat, your internal air humidity drops significantly, and this is where a humidifier is particularly effective, as the hot forced air literally dries out the air in the building.

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