Hot Water Heaters & Boilers

Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling has all your hot water heater and boiler system, installation, repair, and service needs covered.  Our service technicians are familiar with all brands and types of  hot water heater and boiler systems to meet your requirements and your budget. We are a Carrier brand factory authorized dealer, and offer other hot water heater and boiler brands as well.

Hot Water Heater and Boiler System Inspection and Service

In general, your hot water heater and boiler system should be serviced every year to ensure that the unit is functioning at full efficiency, and that there are no hidden potential risks or hazards.

We offer a comprehensive inspection service that includes:

  • Hot water heater and boiler valve operation
  • Pilot light is supplying ample flame
  • Anodes & dip tubes are within spec
  • Sludge, debris, lime, and other mineral deposits
  • Thermostat controls are operating within specified parameters
  • Upper and lower water heating elements are in good condition
  • Electrical supply voltage and current are within spec
  • Sacrificial anode rod is in good condition
  • Pipe corrosion is not present
  • Shut off valves are operating as required.

Whether you need a new hot water heater or boiler  system installed, or a  system serviced or repaired, Lamas is here to meet your hot water heater and boiler system needs.

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