Drain Cleaning, Sewer Rooter & Jetting

Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers Longmont and the Colorado Front Range area with top quality drain cleaning, sewer rooter and jetting  services.  Our drain and sewer cleaning team is experienced in not only resolving sewer and drain issues, but also determining the source of the drain or sewer problem so it can be permanently corrected.

We also offer drain cleaning, sewer rooting and jetting maintenance services for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, to ensure your drains and sewer lines remain clear.  We have powerful rooter and water jetting systems that will penetrate the toughest tree roots and sewer line obstructions.

We have maintenance programs available where our staff will regularly maintain your sewer line cleaning so you never have to be concerned about an unexpected sewer line backup and resulting mess.

We pride ourselves on being responsive when you call, and efficient in our drain cleaning and sewer rooter services.

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