Drain & Sewer Line Replacement

Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers top quality sewer line replacement services.  Our sewer line inspection crew is  knowledgeable in not only identifying sewer and drain issues with the use of a video camera, but are also able to make advisement on the course of action and schedule repairs involving broken sewer lines, sewer mains, and more.  We offer solutions that help mitigate the necessity of  excavation. We only recommend excavation when it is absolutely necessary.

Replacing a drain or sewer line is fairly simple unless it is buried under concrete or deep in the earth where it exits your home of commercial building.  Even then, some drain lines can be repaired without actually replacing the line.  It really depends on the severity of damage to the drain or sewer line.  We first take the time to  properly inspect the line, and then make a recommendation  based on the results.

For severely broken lines, excavation may be required.  We have specialized camera equipment that helps us minimize the amount of excavation, keeping your service cost to a minimum.

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