Pressure Reducing & Shutoff Valves

Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers pressure reducing and shut off valve  installation, repair and service.  Our licensed and knowledgeable plumbers  are skilled at installing and repairing all sizes and brands of pressure reducing and shutoff valves.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Sometimes water enters a building with  fluctuating water pressure, especially in commercial and industrial buildings around the longmont area. This fluctuating water pressure can often get to high, and result in pipe bursting or damage to water processing devices or appliances. The pressure reducing valve keeps the water pressure within a safe range to avoid damage to these appliances, pipes or conduits. Pressure reducing valve requirements must be established prior to selecting the proper valve.  We size the valve based on the input pressure, and resulting output pressure.  We closely follow the manufacturer’s specifications in proper sizing of these pressure reducing valves, as an inadequately sized valve can create a host of issues.

Shutoff Valves

Shutoff valves are used to shutoff water at a specified point in the water line. These shutoff valves can be manual or automatic/solenoid operated.   Shutoff valves are used for many applications for both residential and commercial.  The value in shutoff valves is placing them in strategic locations that best meet the needs of the plumbing infrastructure.  Shutoff valves placed in the right locations can allow for maintenance and repairs while maintaining water supply to other locations as needed.  The ability to shutoff water in certain locations while not disturbing water supply to other locations can be critical in certain industrial and commercial settings where total shut down of water may cause a loss in production or other considerations.  We are experienced in not only the installation and repair of  shutoff valves, but their wide range of use, applications, and strategic placement.

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