Sump Pumps & Sewage Ejectors

Lamas Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers residential and commercial sewage ejector and sump pump  installation, repair and service at a competitive rate.  We also offer 24×7 service for when those sewage ejectors and sump pumps fail.  When a sump pump fails, it is usually discovered when it’s too late, and you find yourself in an emergency situation, with water beginning to floor your basement and crawl space. We have sump pumps and sewage ejectors on hand, and will get to your location as soon as humanly possible, to avoid damage to your home or office. We are located in Longmont, but also service customers from Denver to Fort Collins.

The Difference Between a Sump Pump and  Sewage Ejector

The difference between a sump pump and a sewer ejector is fairly straight forward.  A sump pump is designed to remove excessive ground or rain water in and around a basement or crawl space to prevent  prevent flooding.  This requires that the sump pump is located in the very lowest  spot in the  basement or crawl space, where excess water from ground seepage or excessive rain is directed in to a sump pump pit or shallow well. The sump pump in turn detects the excessive water in the pit via a float valve that automatically starts the pump, and moves the water outside the house or building where it can properly drain.

A sewage ejector is needed to remove potentially contaminated waste water from the sinks, tubs, and showers  that aren’t properly draining via natural gravitational force.  For example, sometimes  waste water in a bathtub  in the basement can be located too low in the home to drain by gravity.  This is is where a  sewage ejector pump is used to pump the waste water into the sanitary sewer line.

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