New Construction Plumbing

Lamas Plumbing offers new construction plumbing services in Longmont and along the Colorado Front Range.   Our team of new construction plumbers are experienced in new construction plumbing, including reading and interpreting blue prints and delivering high-quality plumbing services based on those prints.   We spend the necessary due diligence to make sure the blue prints are interpreted properly, and that the  job is done right the first time, as the alternative is expensive and inefficient for us and our clients.

We are flexible to changes in project scope and project schedule, as we understand the nuances of new construction project dependencies. We also have a number of plumbers on staff, so that we can scale our resources for larger new construction projects, and projects that need to expedite the schedule.

Call us for referrals, as our existing and past customers would be glad to share their experience with Lamas Plumbing.